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Country Store

Step back into the past when you visit the Gorge Heritage Museum's Country Store. From the thousands of artifacts in the museum, a unique country store exhibit has been created. Here you can get a feeling for what shopping at the local store was like when your grandparents were young. See what products were popular then, and those that were considered the necessities of the day.

What an educational opportunity for your children. Most of them have no concept about the products of the past; before cell phones and iPods. Try explaining a butter paddle, or glass bottles of milk delivered daily to your home by milkmen to a 10 year old, or an 16 year. You'll get a blank stare. But now you can show them these things and so much more, like clothing irons you heated on an old wood stove, washboards, and cut nails. So come visit and spend a few hours in the past and while you're at it, check out all the other fine exhibits at the Gorge Heritage Museum.