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The Gorge Heritage Museum has many fine exhibit's of tools, furnishings, clothes, photos, etc. from the past. We invite you to come see them. Please enjoy the following samples of some of our exhibits and plan to come visit us in the near future.


Country Store What an educational opportunity for your children. Most of them have no concept about the products of the past; before cell phones and iPods. Try explaining a butter paddle, or glass bottles of milk delivered daily to your home by milkmen to a 10 year old, or an 16 year. You'll get a blank stare. But now you can show them these things and so much more, like clothing irons you heated on an old wood stove, washboards, and cut nails. So come visit and spend a few hours in the past and while you're at it, check out all the other fine exhibits at the Gorge Heritage Museum.

These gloves were made from the hide of the first deer killed by Reno Ziegler when he was 12 years old. Isabella Lear Underwood, daughter of Taswatha Chenowith, daughter of Chief Chenowith, crafted the gloves for the young boy.

Blacksmith's forge and tools used by Frank Groshong. Frank Groshong was born in 1859 and came to White Salmon in 1889. He started the first blacksmith shop in White Salmon at the site where the old Cameo Theater was later built. 

The Bingen Woman's Club (BWC) used and cared for the historic Bingen Congregational Community Church building built in 1910 from the 1940's until 2000. In 1987 the building became the home of the Gorge Heritage Museum. The energetic ladies of the BWC supported the building and paid off the mortage by holding raffles, making handcrafts for sale, holding rummage sales, and cooking home type meals for civic organizations. In the photo are some of the handcrafts made by ladies of the BWC.